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Set against the backdrop of the turbulent early twentieth century, The Last Séance chronicles the unlikely friendship between two towering figures of their time: Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In a world ravaged by war and disease, Spiritualism emerges as a beacon of hope, offering solace to millions through the promise of communication with the departed. While Doyle, drawn in by the allure of this new religion, becomes a devout follower, Houdini, with his keen eye for deception, stands as an outspoken critic, denouncing Spiritualism as fraudulent.

As the rift between their beliefs widens, their friendship is put to the test. Amidst the clash of ideologies and the relentless pressures of society, they find themselves on opposing sides of a deeply divisive debate. Can their bond withstand the strain of conflicting convictions, or will the forces of this world and the next ultimately tear them apart? The Last Séance is a captivating exploration of friendship, faith, and the enduring power of belief in a time of uncertainty.

About the Playwright

jennifer berman

Photo by David Goodman

Jennifer Berman is a multifaceted creative force, renowned as a playwright. Her talent and dedication have been showcased in numerous productions, earning her recognition and acclaim. Notable among her works is The First Family of Second Avenue, a compelling exploration of family dynamics and human resilience, which was a finalist in the prestigious TRU competition and staged at the Players Theatre in NYC in 2007.

In 2017, Berman mesmerized audiences with The Last Séance, a captivating portrayal of the complex friendship between Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, presented at SUMMERFEST in the Hudson Guild Theatre, NYC. This production offered a poignant glimpse into the lives of these iconic figures against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving world.

Beyond the stage, Berman has contributed her creative vision to the world of animated screenplays, with scripts for projects such as Lootie and Molly Pitcher, showcasing her versatility and storytelling prowess.

Jennifer is a proud member of Local 764 IATSE and the Dramatists Guild. Her upcoming collaboration with the Houdini Museum promises to be yet another testament to her passion for immersive storytelling and her dedication to bringing history to life on stage.


houdini museum

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary life and legacy of the legendary Harry Houdini at the Houdini Museum. Delve into the mesmerizing world of magic, illusion, and escape artistry as you explore captivating exhibits showcasing Houdini's iconic performances, daring escapes, and unparalleled skill. Experience the thrill of his most famous feats and uncover the secrets behind his illusions. With interactive displays, rare artifacts, and fascinating insights, the Houdini Museum offers a unique opportunity to discover the man behind the magic and his enduring impact on the world of entertainment.


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